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"I have known Lee Haynes for exactly 20 years. Over that period I have worked for myriad publications - right now it's the Evening Standard, Sunday Times and Q - and have found him a constant delight to deal with."

"In an area where music PRs increasingly seems to know little and care little for music, Lee adores music, so much so that when Lee recommends something, I listen. Better still from a journalist's point of view, he manages to be supremely efficient and to think outside the box. If I had a record out, he would be doing the PR for it."

John Aizlewood - Journalist

"Writing about music is a tricky business. There are about a million new acts out there every week, commissioning editors always need a story beyond 'I think this band are great' and everyone seems to have a PR from the moment they play their first Water Rats gig. That's why the relationship between an agency and a journalist is becoming increasingly important for the writers. 75 per cent of the time, you don't listen to the CD or return the call.

There's no time and plenty more people calling. With Lee, I always know its worthwhile both listening and returning. He's helpful, smart and gets what you need. If he phones up with an act, he's aware of the type of story I'm looking for - especially difficult at the Sunday Times - and somehow always has a tale that fits whether itís for a long established stalwart or some kids who recorded the whole thing in their bedroom. I think every call has resulted in a feature. I don't know any other PR with the same hit rate.

Stephen Armstrong - Sunday Times / Q / Guardian / Wallpaper

"Lee has handled PR for Asian Dub Foundation for the last seven years. In that time we have worked together on various projects relating to the bands activities including three album/tour campaigns for Virgin/EMI. I have always been impressed with his ability to deal with things in an organized and efficient way be that with the band, record company or the media.

When asked I have always found his advice well thought out and concise. I have also been impressed by his ability to think things through and contribute a useful overview. Lee is a decent, hard working, organised guy and I would have no problem recommending him to anyone."

Bobby Marshall - Manager: Asian Dub Foundation / Adrian Sherwood

"Lee Haynes has always delivered excellent results. They are very professional, extremely versatile and have been an important part of the success of the projects we have worked on together."

Maria Ouellette - Senior Marketing Manager: SPV Records

"Record of the Day have found Lee's work on our Music Journalism and PR awards invaluable over the years. While at Velocity, he had a lot of input on the structure, running and positioning of the event, and was great help organising sometimes difficult artists to attend."

Paul Scaife - Record of the Day